Construction Process Report


Addition/Renovation Project Update

Since the first week in December 2018, weekly project meetings have been held with the architect, project manager, engineers, facilities director, business administrator, and superintendent. Moreover, the Superintendent and the Business Administrator have been meeting regularly with the Board’s Buildings and Grounds Committee to keep them apprised of the progress and developments and the committee, in turn, reports back to the full Board to get direction from the Board as appropriate.

With everyone focused on the goal of preparing for the bidding process, many topics have been discussed and many issues resolved. For example, information regarding construction phasing, constructability reviews, and construction schedules has been presented, evaluated, and revised. After the construction meeting this morning, it was determined that both the Architect and Project Manager are in the final stages of bid preparation. Both believe the necessary ‘pre-bid’ work has been completed, design specifications are prepared, and both recommend that the Board prepares to advertise the project for bids early next week. This information was reviewed with the Board’s Buildings and Grounds Committee this evening and approved. This is an exciting development and signals the next big step in the construction process.


A review and update of the progress being made on the High School Addition and Renovation Project.

During the fall semester, contractors were busy completing the 300/400 hallway connector and while this project was underway, the architects continued to finalize the design specifications for the larger high school addition and renovation project. Over the last three months, we have been narrowing our focus on details of all aspects of the high school addition and renovation project.

More specifically, the architects have coordinated all of the necessary utility requirements for the room layouts. They are finalizing and coordinating building wall sections with the elevations. The site work is also being finalized with grading, parking lots, new utility lines and locating building additions precisely on the site plan. Lastly, all capital projects are being developed and are being prepared for bidding. Specifications are also being developed to incorporate schedules, phasing and technical sections for the contractors.

It is exciting to note that we are now approaching the bidding phase of the project. The architects are completing the final coordination of their work with their engineers and finalizing all specifications. They have submitted the final Department of Education educational adequacy plans, and now are awaiting the final response from the Office of the State Comptroller.

The development of the final phasing plans, which inform the contractor as to which areas will be built in proper sequence, continue to be developed. Site logistics are required so that the contractors understand where they can use portions of the site for preparation and set up areas. Locations of storage trailers, construction manager’s trailers and limits of fencing are critical to the contractors to help best understand where and how the project will proceed until substantial completion.

We believe we will be out to bid in January and we hope to be awarding the bids in late February or early March. After the bids are accepted and awarded, the contractors will be procuring contracts for the materials and scheduling their workers and subcontractors to begin the construction of the additions as quickly as possible. Development of the building pad and development of the rear parking lot are critical milestones that will be prioritized to get the project off to a fast start.

The architects and project managers continue to meet weekly with school administrators to plan and preparations are being finalized that will safely accommodate the construction while maintaining the daily operations of the high school. We hope to have construction officially start as soon as the weather breaks in early spring 2019.