Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did the bid package reflect what was approved in the Referendum? (Spring 2019)

The scope of the project remains the same.  During the design specification phase of the process, the architects met with school administrators and faculty to review the specifics of the instructional areas.  Suggestions were made for classroom equipment and storage areas but the scope of the project was not increased. 

Did the construction estimate make sense? (Spring 2019)

The architects and their professional team developed a budget for the pre referendum scope of work that was necessary.  This budget was reviewed once the design specifications were fully developed after the referendum was approved in March 2018. A year later, the bids received were substantially higher than the original budget. It is believed that the changing market conditions coupled with the complexity of the project contributed to these exceptionally high bids.  

Will the district lose state aid in recalculating the project? (Spring 2019)

No. The district will carefully restructure the bid package.  The idea is to simplify the package by separating it out into several phases of construction.  The Board will also bid the package as a multi-prime package to possibly lower the costs and allow more contractors to bid the packages.  In doing this, there will be no changes that would impact the state aid figures originally projected.  

What is the financial impact of tonight’s bid rejection and what is the recourse for this oversight? (Spring 2019)

There will be no additional costs associated with preparations to rebid the project.  The Board will again advertise as appropriate but the architects will pay for the costs of bid packages and etc.  

Does the architect carry errors & omissions insurance or some type of performance bond? (Spring 2019)

The architect does have insurance for errors and omissions.  

When will the Board file a claim against the architect? (Spring 2019)

At this time, the Board of Education does not anticipate filing a claim against the architect.

What happens if no bids come in under the authorized bond amount? (Spring 2019)

If no bids come in under the authorized bond amount, the Board must reject the bids.  All options will be reviewed at that time. 

When will construction begin? (Fall 2018)

We anticipate construction beginning the latter part of April 2019.

When will construction end? (Fall 2018)

This is a very complicated project with significant renovations being planned. The target is to have the East and West ‘connector completed for September 2020. However, additional renovations will continue throughout the school year. The final project end date is scheduled to be September 2021.

Where will students be during this time of construction? (Fall 2018)

The design of the building will allow us to occupy all current classroom space during the course of construction. Classrooms currently being used will be renovated during the summer months. However, there will be times when classrooms are being renovated during the school year and these classrooms will need to be relocated. In fact, there will be times when temporary trailers are provided to house classrooms during renovations.

How will parents enter the school after the rebuild? (Fall 2018)

The main entrance to the campus will be between the East and West Buildings as part of the new construction.

Where will buses be after the rebuild? (Fall 2018)

Buses will have a separate drop off located at the center of the campus, behind the high school. Bus students will enter through a separate entrance.

Will students be using portables during construction? (Fall 2018)

Our students will use portable classrooms during construction. Exact locations and quantity have not been determined.

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