Fiscal Responsibility

Interest rates are relatively low and construction costs are stable, making this a good time to hold a bond referendum election.  The district has taken community members’ opinions and comments into deep consideration and made sure to make this referendum as financially conscious as possible.

The district wants to be as transparent as possible with community members throughout this process.  In order to do this, the following information has been made easily accessible:

  • Tax calculators for each community can be found below to determine the tax impact on specific households
  • A thorough description of the ballot question, the tax impact and the cost summary enclosed in the FAQs document, which can be found at the top right-hand corner of your screen
  • A comparison of the 2015 referendum and the current referendum election can also be found within the FAQs document for those who would like to understand the details of what was eliminated and changed.

The cost to renovate and repair the aging facilities cannot be made within the annual budget.  The district will receive state aid only if the facilities renovations and repairs are funded through the referendum. State aid is not available if the projects are completed within the regular yearly operating budget.

This is the most fiscally responsible way to fund the necessary renovations and upgrades.

Tax Calculators

Please use the links below to calculate the estimated annual tax impact on your county for this bond referendum.

Building Project Estimated Annual Tax Impact

  Chesterfield Mansfield North Hanover Springfield
Average Home Assessment $391,063 $247,600 $315,602 $276,058
$39,760,000 - 30 Year Bond – Tax Impact @ 4% $184.58 $188.30 $162.90 $207.31
Estimated Monthly Tax Impact $15.38 $15.69 $13.58 $17.28